This page contains some links I have found helpful and some I haven't checked out but seem interesting.

Web Information

Web Hosting





W3C Markup Validator (online, free)
W3C CSS stylesheet validation
W3C broken link checker
<HTML> Validator (commercial product)

Web Standards/Development

Valid DOCTYPE declarations (dtds)


HTML tag reference
HTML5 tag reference
HTML Event reference
HTML Color reference
XHTML Tag reference
CSS reference
CSS3 reference


HTML tutorial
HTML5 tutorial
XHTML tutorial
CSS tutorial
CSS3 tutorial


W3C HTML 4.01

Deprecated/Obsolete Attributes/Elements

W3C: Index of Attributes (HTML 4.01)
W3C: Obsolete Features (HTML 5)
List of Deprecated Attributes Still in Widespread Use (2007)


Adobe Forums (Dreamweaver)
Web development forum
V7 Network
Wedost SEO Internet Marketing Forum

Design Techniques

CSS Sizing Guidelines
CSS Drop-Shadow Techniques
New CSS3 Cursor Styles
HTML5/CSS3 Browser Support Info

Web page design frameworks/templates

Not Just a Grid
Mobile-Friendly Design Skeleton
Less Framework
Free CSS Templates
Dreamweaver CSS Templates for beginners
New Dreamweaver Starter Pages (free)
Ultimate Multi-Column Layouts (free)
Superfish Menus


Apache doc:    2.2     2.0

How to change localhost to a domain name


Safe Fonts to Use in Web Sites
CSS Sizing Guidelines

Internationalization (I18N)/Character Sets

W3Schools: HTML Character Sets
Character encoding (Windows-1252, ISO-8859-1, UTF-8)
Windows-1252 (Wikipedia)
Encoding Problems: Treating UTF-8 as Win-1252/ISO-8859-1
Unicode Tools: Windows-1252 code page (w/ links to other code pages and resources)


Programming Languages


Perl documentation
Modern Perl (book - free download)
CGI/Perl Taint mode FAQ

How to Identify a Good Perl Programmer
Why You Can't Hire Great Perl Programmers

Version Control


Git documentation page
Git Reference (basic tutorial)
Pro Git (blog/on-line book)

GitWeaver (Git extension for Adobe Dreamweaver)
TortoiseGit (Git for Windows)

Git downloads
Git Tools/Hosting


HTTP Status Messages
HTTP status codes

Web Robots Page
Comprehensive Guide to .htaccess

What is href rel?
Using the link relationship attribute rel="nofollow"
Computing with Accents, Symbols & Foreign Scripts


.htaccess Tips and Tricks | More...

Canonical Links

Specify Your Canonical (Google Webmaster Central Blog 2/12/09)
About rel="canonical" (Google Webmaster Tools Help: Matt Cutts video)

Web Design Tutorials
Page Layout 101

HTML5 boilerplate
Taking a Fireworks comp to a CSS_based layout in Dreamweaver (pt. 1/3)
What's new in Dreamweaver CS5 CSS layouts
From table-based to tableless web design with CSS
Create a favicon.ico
PVII tutorials and articles (Accessibility, CSS, images, navigation, servers)

Single-Page Websites: Examples and Good Practices
Example: single-page website design package (Mercury)

CSS Tricks
SEO Consultants
Web Design (Matthew James Taylor)
Google SEO News and Discussion Forum

DynamicDrive - DHTML and JavaScript
Dynamic Web Coding - DHTML, JavaScript, Ajax, and PHP scripts and tutorials
HTML5shim (JS for IE to recognize HTML 5 elements)

Topics/Problems of Interest

Scripting I-frames


STOP badware - tips for cleaning & securing your website
SQL Injection
Securing a contact form
WWW Security FAQ
CGI/Perl Taint mode FAQ

Example Pages

CSS positioning

Search Engine Resources blog
bing Webmaster Center blog
bing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) forum

Search Engine Ranking Factors (SEOmoz 2011)

SEO Tools

SEO Starter Guide (updated) - Google

The Reaction Engine (keyword analysis tool)

Search Engine Troubleshooting

Common errors that can tank a site

bing indexing problems
bing indexing problems

Other Information

Top 5 Social Media Scams (Norton)
Alternatives to the Big 3 Browsers

Fun Stuff

Google Guitar (Les Paul, R.I.P.)
Google Pac-Man
Resume Bloopers Part: 1 2 3 4

Free Online Classes

MIT OpenCourseWare
Stanford Coursera [article: Delay of January 2012 classes]
- Machine Learning

Free Online Courses from Top Universities (organized by topic)
Class Central (combined list)